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GO-SOLO is now in NYC and LA! Come see our first West Coast showing Mon, May 22nd @ 7:30pm!

We're now in LA as well as NYC!

While the fabulous Christine Renee Miller helms our NYC classes, GO-SOLO founder Matt Hoverman has moved to LA (to write for Disney) - and he is now teaching one class a week in North Hollywood.

Check our Classes page for the latest on Matt's (and Christine's) schedule.

And if you want to check out what kind of solo shows get created in our classes, come see our VERY FIRST L2 Class Showing in LA... this coming Monday, May 22nd @ 7:30pm.

The deets:

THIS MONDAY, May 22nd @ 7:30pm GO-SOLO L2 Class Showing The Whitmore-Lindley Theatre 11006 W Magnolia Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601 (at the corner of Vineland) Just $5! (No RSVP needed - just show up!)

Budding solo show geniuses Cornelius Jones Jr., Christa Meola, Sonora Chase, Maria Nicolacakis and Lisa Marie Todd (pictured above) will each debut 20 minutes of their brand new, hilariously touching, totally true tales about: searching for love in the gay AOL chatrooms of the 90's, traveling to the ends of the earth to conceive a child (and show your own lame Mom what real ovaries are made of!), overcoming denial by surgical intervention... on your brain!, breaking with centuries of Greek tragedy by daring to be a woman and live a happy life, and fabulously facing the joys and dangers of becoming the black Shirley Temple! Trust us. You need to see this one. It's ALL that.

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