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FringeNYC Deadline FEB. 14TH, 2015!

Many alumni have had great success (and a great time) at FringeNYC!

If you want to apply, make sure to do so by Valentine's Day, Feb. 14th.

Here's the link:

The FringeNYC is great, but it's not the only show in town! Other great summer festivals for your solo show include: the MITF (Midtown Int'l Theatre Festival), the Fresh Fruit Festival, the United Solo festival, Solo Nova and more! Of course, there's also the Edinburgh Fringe (and fringe festivals around the country and world!) To learn more about U.S. Fringe festivals, visit this website.

Do your research - and apply! All that we know for sure is that you won't get in if you don't apply!


Go for it!

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