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SIX GO-SOLO alumni in 2015 FringeNYC!

It's a record-setting year. SIX alumni of GO-SOLO workshops have been accepted into this year's New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC)!

We couldn't be more proud of all six of these FANTASTIC solo shows and the incredibly talented and beautiful writer/performers who are debuting them this August in NYC's hippest theatre festival. Tickets are now on sale. Go see 'em all!

BABA by Alex Mahgoub

Murder, drugs, bisexuality, & real estate all in one show! After his dad dies, Alex struggles to find himself. An honest, vulnerable, & funny story about how one Jersey boy rose from being a fat nerd with glasses into an elite NYC real estate broker.

LUCKY CHICK by Felicity Seidel

Guys with guns. HOT! Plucked from the crowd by Bob Weir at a Dead show. CRAZY! On tour with the band: Lear jets, pythons, Hells Angels. WOOHOO! A pissed-off drug-kingpin boyfriend. UH-OH. Buckle up, sweetheart. It's one helluva ride.

MY ASS (IN THE WORLD) by Jasmine Pittenger

One humanitarian. Five continents... And her own inescapable butt. Helping girl refugees, Jasmine too is fleeing. One continent's "fat ass" is another's "perfect peach"... Can Jasmine see how her inner war echoes the war around her -- before she's collateral damage?

SHAKE THE EARTH by Lousine Shamamian

Bolstered by kufta and string cheese, Lousine yearns to bring the injustice inflicted on her ancestors to light. Can this meek gay Armenian stand up for herself and recount her great-grandfather Georgi's remarkable story of survival during the Armenian Genocide?


A sensitive German moves to NYC and finds herself haunted by her inherited guilt. How will she earn forgiveness? Work clandestinely in a Kosher restaurant? Exorcise her Germanness with energy healing? A true story about going too far for redemption.

THE BUFFALO by Anthony Sneed

The comedic memoir of Anthony Sneed, who at fourteen brought a gun to school in attempts to fit in with his peers. After expulsion, he is forced to join his Uncle’s cult-like community in Missouri.

For Tix/Info:

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