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Melinda Buckley's MOTHER & ME - a post-FringeNYC thrillride!

What happens after your solo show sells out and gets rave reviews at FringeNYC?

For Melinda Buckley, whose solo show MOTHER & ME was the hit of the 2014 FringeNYC, the party is just getting started.

After being extended at her FringeNYC Venue (the C.O.W. Theatre), Melinda found herself workshopping the show with her producer and new director Kimberly Senior (DISGRACED on Broadway) at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, SPACE at Ryder Farm, Second Stage Uptown (for a 3-night developmental run) and Bay Street Theatre in the Hamptons. Big plans are being made, but in the meantime, her next stop is an Alzheimer's benefit performance at THE CAPE PLAYHOUSE on Sunday, August 2nd at 4pm.

MOTHER & ME by Melinda Buckley A Daughter’s Story of Love, Loss, and Goulash.

A larger-than-life Hungarian 'Mama Rose,' is slowing slipping into dementia as her Broadway baby, Melinda slips into de'middle age. MOTHER (and me) is a story of two women who are losing everything they’ve ever been—in very different ways—as they both lose each other. Who’s it harder for? The one who can't remember? …Or the one who can't forget?

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