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More great reviews for Alex Mahgoub's BABA in Cap Fringe!

Congratulations to GO-SOLO alumni Alex Mahgoub, whose solo show BABA in this summer's Capital Fringe Festival in DC (after last year's run in the United Solo Festival) earned more praise!

“Through a rapidly-shifting blend of direct narrative and animated-vignette, Mahgoub takes the audience from the foundational trauma of his childhood through maturity as an actor-turned-broker in New York City…It’s an impactful story, energetically told. Mahgoub’s delivery is wide-eyed and excited…Its emotions are real and its narrator captivating… Baba is a tender story by gentle son.” -T. Chase Meacham, July 2015, DC Theatre Scene

"Whether you are looking for an interesting evening of theatre or a high end New York City apartment, Alex Mahgoub will not disappoint…The narrative of Baba often covers deeply emotional components of Mahgoub’s life. When he becomes lost in his recollections the simplicity of his delivery is powerful…Mahgoub is only given the aid of a single chair, a glass of water, a single stage light, and the occasional sound cue to help him through his one hour performance…[but] carries this show on his own…Life has provided him with a vast number of stories worth telling and he tells them with an accessible simplicity…After an hour you will feel like you have made a new friend." -Allison Frisch, July 2015, DC Metro Arts

Next stop, FringeNYC 2015!

For info/tix:

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