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Huff Post Raves for Douglas Taurel's THE AMERICAN SOLDIER!

Congratulations to GO-SOLO alum Douglas Taurel, whose solo show THE AMERICAN SOLDIER (headed to this summer's Edinburgh Fringe) received a fantastic review from the Huffington Post for a recent performance in the U.S.

The reviewer raves:

"Onstage Taurel commits totally to his characters in every circumstance, whether starving at Valley Forge or facing heavy artillery at Iwo Jima. He's such a student of behavior that a scene where he appears as an amputee veteran, which had the potential to go seriously awry, is pulled off flawlessly and makes for a powerful standout sequence...

War, as General Sherman said, is hell, but if we can comprehend even slightly the hell that our returning servicemen and women are living, perhaps we can lend them a hand and begin to put our worldwide family back together again. Judging by the enthusiastic ovation that his performance earned at 59e59, concerned citizens will certainly be at attention to receive Douglas Taurel's very important and poignantly conveyed message."

To read the whole review:

For info/tix:

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